Quicker Internet Explorer CSS Development for Backward-Compatibility

Here’s my technique for more quickly developing CSS that’s backward compatible for Internet Explorer versions.

1. Get a bookmarklet that refreshes the stylesheet(s) without reloading the entire page.

2. Open Internet Explorer. Open a tab for each version of IE you want to check for compatibility.

3. In each tab press F12 to enable the developer tools panel.

4. In the developer tools panel set each tab to a different browser mode. For example, set the first tab to IE7, the second to IE 8, the third to IE 10 etc.

5. As you code your stylesheet use the reload css bookmarklet to quickly fresh each tab.


Recent post on SharePoint for End Users: SharePoint 2010 Feature Activation Dependency Usage

I recently posted an article to Microsoft’s SharePoint for End Users blog titled SharePoint 2010 Feature Activation Dependency Usage. This was inspired by my own personal frustration with having to navigate the proper usage of activation dependencies while building solutions in Visual Studio.  I started out with the existing documentation on MSDN but found more information posted by Chris O’Brien and Travis Lingenfelder.

Because the MSDN information was confusing and somewhat contradictory from section to section I tested scenarios to make sure I knew what would succeed and what wouldn’t. Let me know if you find it helpful.